Terre voyages

Family adventure

Those treks are specifically arranged tailor-made for families :

  • to share outstanding adventures in the unusual world of the desert,
  • with itineraries suitable to the participants' lengh of legs!

N'hsitez pas partir avec eux, et pour d'autres impressions, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : marie.canton@free.fr
In April 2004, five of us were looking for some change in traveling to the south, and we were not disappointed. We were, in fact, delighted by the
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The Earth of all
Yours, your guides’, cooks’ & muleteers’
In the respect of all tracks, water & occupation of all

Through the for ever perfumes, colours & sounds
An understanding of the ancestral Customs & traditions
A friendly contact, a real exchange
To meet oneself and discover the others
In the celebration of the Earth!